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I just post this here and I’ll leave you to your deductions…

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15. Tiger Snake

The tiger snake is a deadly, venomous snake found in Australia and Tasmania. It features tiger-like stripes and can be up to 10 feet long. Its venom contains strong toxins that impare brain function, coagulate blood, destroy red blood cells, and cause muscle necrosis….


Spotting Cotton Candy Colors with @aurelycerise

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Aurely Cerise (@aurelycerise ) chases rainbows of color, and she describes her photography as “fresh” and smile-inducing. “My friends say my art brings happiness,” says the Paris Instagrammer. With color being her creative trigger, Aurely looks at everyday objects and naturally starts composing still life scenes. Whether it’s masking tape, pencils or a cup of coffee, Aurely enjoys arranging random things and capturing them from particular perspectives. “It’s funny to see how many things could be really beautiful when you only change your point of view,” she says. Organizing also helps to overcome her natural anxiety. “When I create a set-up it allows me to channel my stress.”

When Aurely is not out and about capturing colorful sceneries, she lets her creative juices flow in front of a canvas. “This photo explains how i imagine creation. Nothing is planned, the feelings are getting out from my brush and start creating forms.” Her simple advice for finding joy: “Put some color in your life.”

When my boss told me he would raise my salary next month. 

Mother spider and her baby spideys came to visit us today.


Marvel villains and their infinity stones

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